Your Baggage: Shall We Unpack?

If you eat to soothe yourself emotionally, there’s baggage in there somewhere. 

Jamie commented on my TEDx talk, saying, “Holy moly! I just connected my love of doughnuts back to childhood Sunday’s before my parents divorced….”  There’s always a reason we go for the food we do.  We want to soothe, and therefore we choose a food or activity that reads as comfort to us or was part of our experience before “life” got hold of us.  It has a positive connection, and when we’re not feeling so great, we reach for that shred of comfort.  It gives us a moment, but the over-use tends to show up around our waistlines or hips.

Beliefs or THAT Voice

Or perhaps your baggage is in a belief that tends to steer you away from your goal.  Perhaps it’s a reaction to that voice inside your head.  You know that voice?  It tends to question your abilities or reinforce negatives.  Have you ever noticed that that voice is seldom on our sides?  It’s so critical, and it comes from the most wounded part of ourselves, and until it is healed, it will always steer you back to comfort and safety.  It keeps you stuck and wounded.

Recognizing these pieces and whatever other baggage we drag with us for decades is the beginning of overcoming them.  We may need a little help – we’ve been doing it the other way for a long time – but unpacking that baggage will set you free.

What would that freedom look like to you?  How would it feel?  Would it be worth the effort?

Indeed. And we often need help, so if I can be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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