When You Know What Works – HOW Do You Work It?

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Following the plan that works best for your body will take care of cravings, excess hunger, calorie counts, and other details.

How can it then go so wrong?

I do part of my work in hospitals, and one of them had a procedure for clearing physical dependency on drugs and alcohol.  The patient had a procedure and discharged the next day free from the physical addictions.  It was an amazing treatment. 

Just like with diets and nutrition, however, the real dependence is only partly physical.  Mental and emotional attachment can be just as hard to detox – and just as essential.  So much of emotional eating is driven by mindset and our emotions.

We get tired and want to eat whatever is easy and available whether or not it fits our plan.  We take the easy option.

We are stressed or upset and assume that treat or comfort food will make us feel so much better.  Even if it does, it doesn’t last.  Then we’re still stressed or upset, and we pile on guilt or shame for our response. 

Because of how we feel emotionally, we drop the guidelines that would help us reach our goals in favor of a moment’s pleasure.

Where else do we do that?

Think about this:  If you were tired and didn’t want to bother going through the check-out at a shop, would you simply walk out of the store with your items?

If you just didn’t want to pay your taxes, would you skip it one year?

If you were busy, but you’d also promised to pick up your friend’s child after school, would you skip it without saying anything to the friend?

The consequences of these situations would be so great that it wouldn’t even be up for discussion.  There’s the rub:  We allow it to be a discussion.  What will it hurt this one time?  How often is it just one time?

It requires a mindset shift.  This is no longer up for discussion.  I set my mind on the goal and who I must be in order to get there.

Questions to consider:

How do I unflinchingly set my mind on my goal?

What physical, mental, emotional, and social consequences do I face if I don’t stay on track?

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