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Did you identify what drives you to food for comfort or stress relief?

The most common is also the most painful:  A significant wound. 

It’s real, it’s yours, and you deserve better.  Let’s heal it.  It’s stopped you long enough, and it’s time for you to be free.

I know – easy to say.  You may not believe that’s possible, but know that it is.  I’ve helped many crawl out from under what’s kept them trapped.  You can heal.  You’re not likely to forget it, but like a broken bone properly set, it won’t be as painful.  Imagine what it would do for you to be free of that wound.   Can you?

For some, the driver is a habit or a detour from routine that throws you off track.  How do you deal with those?

Habits are formed and can be dismantled in the same way – with repetition.   We can string together several days, maybe weeks of consistency, but something happens with our routine, so we miss a day – and too often we abandon the effort.  This is where so many diets fail, because even if we truly want the result, making the changes necessary to achieve them often feels like too much trouble.    

Yet, lots of things are hard, but we do them anyway. We learn to drive, do math, learn a new job.  We figure out things like Wordle and where things are after they rearrange our favorite store.  Why?

Because the result was worth the effort. 

Granted, for health and weight loss, the long-term benefits feel distant, so they’re harder to hold onto.  Identify shorter-term benefits:  Make a list, dream, imagine the possibilities if you reach your goal.  How will you look and feel in your clothes?  Imagine a healthier body and what you could do with it.  What’s it worth to you to get down on the floor with children, to walk distances, or do family activities without being out of breath – or having to ask for a seat belt extender?  What are the sooner than later prizes for reaching your goal?

Do you believe it’s possible to lose the weight and maintain your goal?  That may be the biggest question.  We’ve tried so many things over so many years.  It’s too easy to assume you won’t.  I did, but now I’m almost 10 years at my goal weight.  It CAN change.

Changing who or what is in the driver’s seat will change your results.  When we no longer eat for emotional reasons, it saves soooooo many calories – and that can tip the balance.

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