What if I fail again?

I did many, many, many diets and programs in the 40 years I was on that diet yo-yo. My mother and grandmother had done many before me. Every time I signed up for yet another program, I wondered, “What if I fail again? How much money do I have to spend to get it through my mind and heart?”
I interviewed Dr. Phil years ago, and his response to that kind of question was, “So what if you do?” The concept behind that question is to take the charge out of failure, and that has merit, and yet — there’s more charge to it, isn’t there?

Part of the issue is believing it’s actually possible to lose the weight you want to lose and charting a course to get you there. After so many diets, it’s easy to jump straight to the conclusion that you won’t do what you need to do to focus, plan, arrange, and follow through. What you want ultimately needs to be more important to you than the food or beverage right in front of you. I know — so much easier to give in “this one time” and then resolve to be good come Monday. The truth is that it doesn’t work like that. Not that we have to be on our plan 100 percent of the time, but the 80/20 rule is a good measure. It can create less stress if you build in some grace for yourself.

Questions to Consider:
What do you need to protect you from making poor choices?
In what ways can you plan for better choices and give yourself options when things go awry?
Planning for failure usually works rather well. Planning for success, however, is glorious.

How Can I Serve You?
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