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So what thoughts and habits would you like to get rid of?  Did you make a list?  I can always make a list – unfortunately.  I think of it as my summer project to work on that list.  It’s a good time to focus as things tend to slow down a bit.  And it gives me a chance to dream about how I could greet September if I’d focus on these adjustments.  What do you think?  Want to play?

However we came by these thoughts or habits, the weedy ones can be pulled up, those long runners can be removed, and although some need conscious attention to keep at bay, the consistent care and cultivation of what we WANT minimizes the invasion.  This is a two-part process:  Choosing what you want and thereby eliminating what you don’t.

So choose one or two to focus on for the next month to six weeks.  Seriously, just choose one or two.  Otherwise, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of it, pun intended.

How to Weed Out

Recognize the weedy thought or habit. Name it.  Maybe even write it down so you can be very clear about this weed.  It likely perpetually trips you.  You may hear it when you’re beating up on yourself for something you’ve done.  When you’ve over-indulged or been upset and gone to food for comfort, what are the phrases you know so well?

Consider the specific times you hear or do this.  Is there a certain voice you hear it in?  When do you most often think or do this?  Is there a time or situation when you DO NOT do it?

Get clear on what and when it occurs.

Cultivating What You Want

Now choose what you want most in this area.  What are you working toward? 
Create a word, phrase, or action to replace the old one.  The word may simply be a reminder of what you want to instill.  What do you most want to be, feel, or do that is counter to the old thought or habit.  Focus on the new.  It will take some practice to get it well-established – you’ve done it the other way for a long time.  Don’t be surprised if it’s not immediately automatic.

One way I help reinforce the new thoughts or habit is by creating a phone alarm. It goes off every day to remind me of the new thought or action I want to install.  I change the label to reflect my goal.  It can be a word, a phrase, or a short sentence, but every time that alarm sounds, it reminds me to focus on the better choice.

How would you like to see something new in yourself in September?  What would that be like?

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