Trimaversary: Seven Years and Counting

The true wish of many who have struggled with their weight: Eat whatever, whenever, and maintain my desired weight. Would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

In 2012, after 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo, I finally did it. I lost those last pounds AGAIN, reaching my goal on 8 October. This time, however, I have maintained my weight, size, and health. Working on my “stuff” around my weight was a catalyst not only to get free of excess weight but because of work I did on my mental and emotional well-being, I am truly happier and more fulfilled, as well as thinner.


There’s only one true secret, and when I reveal it, you’ll likely groan because it isn’t a magic potion or exercise.


The secret is: Making a lifestyle out of what works for your body and sticking to it.

Isn’t sexy, is it? Would you believe me if I set you up on a monthly $49 auto-charge to remind you?

Genuinely, this is the secret to lasting maintenance. Every time I lost a chunk of weight, had I changed my behavior rather than thinking, “Now I’m free to eat whatever I want!” I would not have regained the weight. Rather like our finances, when we stick to our budgets, even roughly, we tend to save more. If we deviate to “buy whatever we want,” the budget takes a hit. The steady progress and doing what works for us produce the results we seek – and helps us maintain that result.

When I learned to overcome my emotional eating, “whatever I want” became better quality foods in appropriate amounts. It also included occasional deviations AND then returning to what I know works for my body at the next meal. Make it a lifestyle – make it work for your body, mind, and heart.

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