Training or Prescription?

Training or Prescription?

Hello Friends,
Pick your diet, follow it, reach a number or size or feeling somewhere near your goal, and _________. Then what?
For years, I might maintain that weight or size for maybe week and a half, and then I’d start eating like I always had . . . which got me the results it always got. The slow (or fast) return to the weight I seemed to hang out around for four decades was inevitable. I’d gain and lose and gain until I hit my personal threshold, and then I’d return to the diet and work my way down (and up and down) again.
Here’s the thing: We treat diets like a prescription. Just eat this, restrict that, do that exercise–take your medicine–until you reach the goal, and then go on with your life. Eat with abandon all the foods you’ve denied yourself. Enjoy way too many calories again. Dive into the all-you-can-eat buffet without a care!
Perhaps we should treat diets as training. Focusing on healthy eating is a good thing, but I needed to work on a healthy relationship with food. A nutrition plan provides support and direction for how to choose foods and portions, yet that’s just the beginning.
Sure, through the various diets I learned, I discovered several foods and recipes that I love. I’m telling you–that one-minute muffin thing with coconut or almond flour– Oh. My. Word. How could that be a diet food? T’is.
Beyond that, we can learn what “satisfaction” feels like, which is long before we hit the “I can’t eat another bite” stage. That feeling is different for everyone, so it may take some experimenting and observation to identify your state of comfortable satisfaction. I call this “playing with my food.”
What does or doesn’t satisfy you for 3-4 hours. What do you enjoy eating, finish feeling satisfied and happy with the mouthfeel, and holds you through to your next meal?
What foods seem to kick off cravings or what seems to slow down your progress.
What foods keep you energized?
Do certain combinations work more/less effectively for you?
When you’ve had a special occasion of any sort, what’s the best menu to get you back on track quickly?
How much water helps you? Various gurus suggest various amounts. What helps you most?
This is training so that once you reach your goal it’s easier to continue to make the good-for-you choices to maintain a balance. Yes, have an indulgence now and again. Just hold it to now and again rather than often. That’s the secret to maintaining weight.

If you need some help figuring it out or holding yourself accountable, don’t hesitate to contact me. When you’re ready to lose, I can help you win.

All the best,

René[email protected]

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