Track or Feast: Eat Consciously rather than Emotionally

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Are you ready for Christmas?  It’s the EVE tomorrow and the DAY the next, and of course all the holidays are a little different this year.  The ongoing disappointments can set off all kinds of emotions, which may drive us to eat for comfort or stress relief.  I get it.  We need some comfort this year, and that doesn’t have to be only comfort food.  That’s the easiest of course, but it’s not our only option.

Whatever you choose to do, however you decide to approach it, may you enjoy every bite and savor every taste.  Taking the time to experience your food makes it so much more satisfying and fulfilling.  So enjoy!

If you stay on track, celebrate that – in a way that fits your plan.  Recognize it.  If you’re like me, you probably spent many years beating yourself up for going off on a tangent, so affirm and encourage yourself for staying within your chosen parameters.

If you choose to take the day or two off from your usual plan, please enjoy it – but don’t whiplash with beating yourself up.  There’s no need for that.  Holidays are a celebration, and celebrations usually include a feast.  Recognize that you’re making a conscious choice in the same way as you make a conscious choice to fill up your gas tank, pay your taxes, or buy something that stretches your budget a bit.  The option is yours, the result is yours, and the adjustments you make or don’t make are yours.  Beating yourself up eliminates whatever joy you took from the experience, so enjoy the time and then move on.

Recovery Plan

When will you get back on track?  Sooner than later can mitigate longer-term effects of feasting, including getting stuck in the habit of eating more than your body requires for energy and health.

Evaluate the experience by identifying the triggers that were most difficult to handle.  What was your better option?  How will you manage it differently next time? 


Perhaps you do well with accountability, so how can you utilize it for these days as well as in the new year.  What systems can you create to give you what you need?  What works for you?

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