TOP SECRET: What They Don’t Want You to Know

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There are SECRETS: The Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know 

Secret one:  It’s NOT the latest Diet

It’s trendy to say, “Diets don’t work.”  They all work for someone however strict or crazy they are, but abandoning them and returning to our old ways of eating dooms them to failure.

The real truth is:  You have to find what works for YOUR body, mind, and heart.  The best nutrition plan is the one you will follow and then use as a guide for maintenance.  If you’re miserable, you will not stick with it nor be pleasant as you do.  Of course, that doesn’t work.  Yet, we get frustrated when our best friend, men, or Great Aunt Edna can lose 3 pounds in a week, but we struggle to drop half a pound.  Every body is different.

I’ve done almost all the diets.  Every one of them helped me lose while I could stay with them, but I was so tired, hungry, and cranky most of the time that staying with them was difficult at best and impossible over time.  Even after I lost my weight in 2012, I struggled to maintain, but I was as determined to do so as I was tired, hungry, and cranky.  Poor Mr. Jones. 

How DO you find what works for your body?

Trial and error:   It is still a thing.  Many dieters from the 80s to early 2000s tried to follow the low-fat Food Pyramid style nutrition.  It worked for some, and for others like me, it did not fit.  Now they say to try intuitive eating, try non-dieting, try the Whole 30, try Low-Carb, try Noom – there are many out there, so try any or all of them, and take notes on how it works or doesn’t work for you.  Note what you learn about how foods affect you, then sift it down to what you can live with.  It’s a bit of work, OR you can take a short cut that doesn’t require all tracking and notes.

Metabolic Assessments:   What finally helped me was stumbling across a metabolic profile that directed me to the foods that would work best for my body.  It was so helpful that I now offer it to clients.  

Seriously – changed my world.  

After subsisting on 1200 calories 7 days per week to lose one lonely pound, I could eat more and still lose.  Best, I was never tired, hungry, nor cranky — Mr. Jones is quite grateful.  And I am as well.  It’s much easier to stay on track when I’m not starving.  Or cranky.

Here’s the truth:  Find what works for your body so you can be more satisfied and energized.  

If you’d like to do the assessment, email me.  I’m running a special offer on them in January.

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