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Like many of you, I’ve had a few cravings of late.  No bonus points for guessing why, right?  So what do I do? 

I’m paying attention to my heart – what is it that I truly need — rather than stuffing down the feeling and following it with that food chaser.  Feel it.  Know it’s uncomfortable.  We’re doing things we’ve never had to do before.  Of course, it’s uncomfortable, and there are hard things and annoyances, and yet as we look for them, there are new things with it that are kind of nice.  We just have to LOOK for those.

Creativity is a good outlet for me, so I’ve been creating a new course, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to pursue once we’re free to roam again, and I was playing with some general recipes. 

One of my Facebook groups is really great, and it’s curated by a chef friend whom I highly esteem.  So I posted an idea in that group. 

Turns out there’s a recipe for that already.  YEA! 

Then I realize, I have that recipe in my stack.  I’ve even MADE that recipe before, and I loved it.

If I just recognized and used the tools I have at hand ——

Ever feel that way?  We amass all kinds of information and tools, or perhaps experiences and strengths – great resources if we’d use them, right? 

Or perhaps we don’t know how to utilize them or understand their power.  Kind of like the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz – we’ve had the ability all along, but we didn’t know how to use them.

We’ll talk more later about why we don’t use them.  And yes, you may also need some different tools or to get rid of some that don’t work for you.  However, we may need to simply RECOGNIZE the tools for what they are, the power they hold.

So here’s my question for you to consider this week:  What tools do you have already that you are not using as you pursue your goal? 

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