The TRUTH About Weight Loss

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Joey the cat only has three legs. 

He arrived at the rescue when he was maybe 6 weeks old, and his front left leg hung from his shoulder.  It didn’t seem to bother him as his joy of life in play often made the rescue’s video highlight reel on Facebook.  His physical condition is a challenge at times, but don’t tell him that.  He races up and down our stairs with Greyson or takes on a batting match with Ellie (from the safety of my lap, of course.)  He just gets on with life and using his striking blue eyes to get – well, just about anything he wants.  😊

I used to lament my slow metabolism, the genes that tilt me toward weight issues, and the years I spent making it all worse by yo-yo dieting.  I often wonder how I would have fared in my teens if I’d just got on with doing what I needed to do to lose the weight and then adjust it to maintain my goal.  Had I learned the lesson then —

That’s the TRUTH about weight loss:  We have to find what our bodies need and follow that so we can lose the extra weight and then pay attention to our “budget” long-term. 

The truth is there is no magic diet.  Exercise alone will not cure all.  Weight loss is never instant – no matter what those texts and emails claim.  There is no magic substance that will make the weight just fall right off you.  That’s marketing for weight loss — not actual weight loss.  The only magic bullet is a lifestyle change. 

I know.  DANG!

It can’t be magic because it’s biology.  Psychology, too.  Habit, tradition, family dynamics.  A human being is a complex system, but if you’re healthy, it’s a system that will work.  That’s what’s so annoying, isn’t it?  When you’re healthy and you do what works for your body, the weight does, indeed, come off.  Every. Stinkin’. Time.  It’s not easy or fun at times, but it is possible.  And unless you are very, very good at holding yourself to a plan, we need help with this at times.   

I’m offering a group starting in February.  We’ll meet on Monday nights at 7 p.m. Central to help you get on track and have some support to stay on track with your goals.  You’ll get weekly teaching, group coaching, and accountability.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share your insights, and get feedback on your challenges. 

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