The Road to Goals

What do you believe about your healthy body and lifestyle? 

Is it possible for you to reach and maintain a healthy body, heart, and mind?

After so many years on my Diet Yo-Yo, I knew I could eventually lose a certain amount of weight.  I could maybe lose down to my goal if I had enough motivation.  Staying there?  Pfft.

I didn’t believe it was possible, so guess what?  It didn’t happen. 

We only go after what we believe might, maybe, possibly, under the right circumstances, if the stars align, perhaps COULD happen.  The tiniest shred will do, but it’s essential to have a wisp of hope.  Even if we’re inspired by someone else’s story or attracted by a magic potion’s claims, if we don’t have some belief in our ability to achieve it, we think that’s great for them, but me?  Won’t happen.  Our faith in ourselves and the process determines our willingness to try.

When we start down the road and do well for a bit, our hope increases – at least until we hit a bump or the dreaded plateau.  Then all our thinking gets jumbled amidst our frustration, and our belief falters.  We start thinking of all the ways we’ve blown it before, and so the spiral begins.

A Challenge 

Arrest that thought.  What would happen if you stopped yourself as that spiral begins? Just step back from the edge, and rather than letting it pull you under, what could you do to or think that would rescue you from that whirlpool of doubt, shame, and blame? 

What if you looked for all the ways and reasons you could re-establish your belief and motivation if you would make a bit of effort? 

What if you squared your shoulders and said, “Not this time.  THIS time, I’m staying on track.”

What if?

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