The Dryer Ate My Sock

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My dryer ate my sock.  Just one. 

I looked everywhere:  in and around the dryer, with my husband’s socks, in my stack, in the laundry hamper – wonder if the dog took off with it?  No. 

There was no sign of it.  I thought through the steps:  From my foot to the laundry hamper, to the basket, to the laundry room, into the washer then dryer.  Once dry, it should have then been paired with its mate and returned to the basket for the trip back to our room.  But it wasn’t paired.  There was just one forlorn sock that day.  How could it have just disappeared? 

Last week, I put on a jacket that I hadn’t worn since the weather went colder in December.  I put my arm into the sleeve and out with my hand came said sock—still clean.  I’ve seen those dryer “static” balls wriggle their way down sleeves, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it might happen with a sock.

I’m a fairly ordered person.  This situation didn’t fit my pattern, and I got stuck on the idea of what SHOULD have worked.  I didn’t think creatively or try anything unusual. I was stuck in my pattern, and it wasn’t working for me.

It’s not just socks, is it? 

We get a bit lost or we lose pieces in various areas:  With our nutrition or health and fitness efforts, with our self-esteem and personal growth, with anything that is safe inside our comfort zone.  We know what SHOULD work, and when it doesn’t, we get frustrated and discouraged.  We may even throw out the remains of our efforts, abandon it. 

Maybe that’s the right thing, or maybe it’s an opportunity to learn or grow, maybe there’s a new possibility that could create even more options.  That would take us further outside our cozy comfort zone.

And THAT’S where the magic happens.

What have you lost?

Where else might you find it or something better?

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