That Voice in My Head

Perhaps you’ve had this experience – you set yourself a goal, determine how you will walk through a situation, and fully intend to make good choices at a party, at a family gathering, or just on the average Thursday.  You start out well, and then you spy or think of something you love to eat.  Initially, you say to yourself, no or not at this time or repeat your mantra about only having certain foods on Sunday – whatever works – and then there’s that voice in your head that bolts at being told “no.”  No matter how determined you’ve been, when that voice pops up, you’re almost powerless to defend yourself.  In fact, you’re more likely to give in to temptation at that moment than any other time.

Maddening, isn’t it?

And perfectly normal.  Somehow that situation or food or the notion of deprivation wired into your mind as the emotional tipping point for you.

Which means:  It can be unwired.

You know your triggers, you know when you’re vulnerable, you know that visceral feeling of your inner five-year-old saying, “You can’t make me!”  Or is that just this redhead?

You can alter your response, but it may take a little intentional effort.  Open that bag of emotions and have a look at it.  What drives that response?  What’s it about?  When did it begin?  What do you remember about its origin?  Where were you?  What was going on?  What happened afterward?  What did that food or situation mean to you?

Once you realize what’s driving the behavior, you can create a plan to safeguard you.  Some foods or situations may require abstinence for a time.  Others may require specific parameters – or a friend whom you will allow to hold you accountable.  And others?  Portion control is good.

The holidays are filled with emotionally-charged foods so create a plan for your trigger foods and experiences.  If you need a little help devising that plan, don’t hesitate to contact me.  We can get you to where you want to go safely and joyfully.  You can do this!

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