That Cake Is Calling My Name

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The cake is actually calling my name!  I can hear it!

Insert your favorite comfort food.

My years of dieting produced many moments like this.  It might be just some frustration – can’t get the printer to work, maybe boredom, even just desire for the mouthfeel.  Sometimes it’s something significant like loneliness, disappointment, grief, or just feeling – you know that feeling when you question your value and purpose?  And yep, a Twinkie would help for a moment – and I’d take that moment.

Know what I mean?

It doesn’t have to be grief and heartbreak, although that will do it.  I gained 15 pounds the summer Michael and I learned we would not be able to have children.  I suddenly realized I didn’t have to look after my health anymore – what was the point?  So I started eating whatever I wanted.  Didn’t care. 

We drank a lot of margaritas that summer—the full sugar kind.  I ate an awful lot of sugar in whatever form – and pretty much anything else I wanted.  I just didn’t care about what it was doing to my body – but I care about soothing, and food gave me a moment.  It’s not like anything else soothed my heart.  Oreos, please!

I did care in September, mind, because I felt so heavy and puffy, and I was into my “Seriously Renée?” fat clothes.  So I started the Diet Yo-Yo again, and it went on – up 30, down 5, up 5, down 15, etc., etc., etc.  In 2002, I did lose about 35 pounds, but that didn’t last long.

Then, as many of you know, I was staring down my 50th birthday, and I thought, “This is my last chance to lose the weight.”  Things happen for women after 50.

It didn’t go well for months, but I was fed up with failing.  I didn’t know how to fix it, and I realized it was either that I sort it out now, or I’d be heavy forever. 

That’s when I hired my first coach, and she held my hand and asked really awkward questions.  She talked me through facing the stuff that drove my behavior to stuff my face, and she helped me unwind that.  I learned other ways to cope – and how to separate soothing from food.   Without the added calories from emotional eating, I could shed excess weight – and it didn’t suddenly return when something went off the rails.

Ten years later, my weight remains consistently at goal.

I know the struggle, and I know how to help you get free of it.  That’s why I’m offering this group program.  We’ll meet together, you’ll have a couple of sessions with me, and we can rewire how you handle comfort food.   We’ll find you a better comforter.

The information is at the link:  Come join us.  Let’s Make It Happen for you.

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