Thanksgiving Strategy

Will you choose to take a cheat day or to stay on course — or something in between?

It’s your choice, and as long as you are consciously making that choice, whatever you CHOOSE is fine.  Why am I repeating various forms of “choose”?  Choosing is the essential element.

We’ve all had plenty of times when we worked on auto-pilot, mindlessly eating whatever was around.  This year, make the conscious effort to make choices.  Take what you truly want and skip what you don’t like.  If you choose to make it a feast day, then make it a feast and enjoy every bite.  If you choose to stay on course or make minimal indulgences, then enjoy what you do have.

I’ve adjusted some recipes and stayed with the original on others.  It’s a balance in the end.  By Friday evening, all the leftovers will be dispersed or repurposed, and on Saturday morning, I’ll return to my ketogenic foods.  That’s how we make this a lifestyle rather than a “diet.”

Enjoy the company, enjoy the foods, enjoy the opportunity to remember all the lovely things for which we can be thankful.

I’m thankful for all of you, for your patience and encouragement as I’ve been (slowly) building this business.  It’s such a joy to serve you, watch you succeed, and learn along with you.  Thank you.

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