Thanksgiving Behind, Christmas Ahead

The turkey with all its trimmings now gives way to the sugar season.  Perhaps you have a week, maybe two before the parties begin and the office kitchen is a sugar addict’s dream.
How do you recover and balance before the holiday parties begin?
My mother and grandmother used to cook a huge “mess of greens” on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I was never sure what was in that huge soup pot, but I found other things to do on the ranch that morning, hopping in the truck with my grandfather just after daylight.
Thankfully by lunchtime, the scent of the greens had been replaced by the main meal of the day.  While they tried to coax us into eating our portion of greens and “Pot Likker,” my grandfather provided cover with tales of ranch tasks we’d accomplished, burning off the extra calories of the Thanksgiving meal.
Perhaps that was the original “Cleanse” in Texas, but I prefer to simply return to my nutrition plan and add a little time to my morning walk for a couple of days.
Choose what works for you.  Maybe you choose simple food, skip the sugar, and reduce calories a little bit.  Or perhaps you hit the gym or practice some intermittent fasting.  Give yourself an opportunity to focus on good, healthy choices before the hoopla of the season begins.  You’re more likely to stay focused if you start early and remember what you want:  Is it the healthy body?  Or is it that third Christmas cookie?

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