I’ve been doing some research.
Granted, I’m a tea drinker.  Hot tea, please.  With milk, no sugar.  Used to do sugar . . . but I digress . . . Taking tea is a pleasure for me.  Took me a long time to wander into herbal teas, but I eventually got there.
While on a search for a particular tea for “the dear one,” I saw “slimming teas.”  I remember years ago when Sarah, Duchess of York, lost (and regained) a decent number of pounds using a tea diet.  Others have used teas and other liquids to support their weight management efforts. It’s all about making the process a little less painful or difficult, and I can go with that as long as they don’t claim to rip that fat right off my hips. That claim is yet to be found true.

In the quest for being informed, I’ve tried a few.

A) Some do taste good—check the ingredients for flavours you like.
B) Most are caffeine-free—and depending on your nature and current intake, that can be a good thing.
C) Something in them has diverted my cravings.  Weird but true.  I don’t understand how, but if it works, I can enjoy the cuppa.
D) Found some new ones I like—one that is like dessert in a cup.

My takeaway lessons:
ANYTHING can work if you believe it will and do the things necessary to reset your course.  Continuing along a path that leads to a place you do not want to be gets you further lost. Sometimes we do need to recheck our compass to get back on the path—and check that compass more often.  It’s easy to stray when you don’t have your focus set on the goal.
Tea is a good way to get more water, and the pleasant flavours can delight your palate.  The warm water also takes the edge off hunger, so it’s a great practice just before a meal.

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