Yep, It’s A Rock

see video version Yes, just a rock I picked up somewhere.  I often give it to clients I see in person, and I ask online clients to bring one they like to our session.  The assignment is to carry it with them everywhere they go and in everything they do for the next week. Initially, … Read more

Know the Feeling?

Why do we doubt ourselves so much? With my one-to-one clients, one of the themes we explore is emotional “baggage.”  No matter the origin of that baggage, whether it’s connected to self-worth, weight issues, trauma or other difficult experiences, or poor family relationships, the wounds play out in our hearts and sap our confidence. And … Read more

What’s your story?

We share stories to connect, to share information, to illustrate a point, and perhaps to get some help with our struggles.  They also tell others what we believe about ourselves. What are the main stories you tell?    Jot down a couple of details about the ones you most often share. Some are great stories of … Read more

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