So Very Grateful

see video version I’m in Texas, and we had quite a week.  If messages I received from so many of you around the world are any indication, you will have heard far too much about it already.  Thank you for checking on me. Suffice it to say, we’re quite unfamiliar with a polar vortex that … Read more

Make It Stick

video version Luke, from L-Squared Podcast, invited me back to record a second interview.  Since we talked last, he has lost 125 pounds.  He used a medical-based program, but he also said our conversation last summer about emotional eating helped him, which was kind of him. No matter the program – medically supervised, bariatric surgery, … Read more

Resolutions: Exercise

Watch Video (03:04) In short:  Do some.  Even a little is helpful.  Okay, true, not as helpful as regular full-body workouts, but doing something more days of the week than not is more beneficial than staring at exercise equipment hidden by the ironing or rerouting to avoid driving by that gym you’re paying for but … Read more

Hello, Best

So, I’ve been known to beat myself up when I make mistakes or poor choices.  I’m not alone, am I?  The impulse to have a go at ourselves may have come from our childhoods, school experiences, or some tough relationship experiences, and we tend to hold onto the pattern – and maybe the stick of … Read more

Emotional Eating: Something’s Missing

Hello friends, It’s that moment when we’re staring longingly into the refrigerator or pantry BELIEVING that something in there will soothe and comfort whatever is bothering us. Like hunger, that emotional eating is a signal that something is missing.  When we feel physical hunger, we know our fuel storage is depleted.  When we feel emotional hunger, … Read more

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