Heal Your Heart: Guilt

see video Healing Your Heart:  Things that drive us to food for soothing We get caught up in guilt, and that often drives us to soothing ourselves because it’s a heavy thing to carry.  Food is so easy, and it works instantly even if relief only gives a moment’s respite.  In dark moments, we’ll take …

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All Things Spring to Life

See Video Version All things spring to life at this time of year.  My grandparents had a ranch, and in the spring, it was magical with wildlife and livestock, winter oats nearing harvest, alfalfa and Bermuda breaking through, and mild temperatures making days and evenings pleasant.  In my 20s, I lived in Wales, in the …

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That Cake Is Calling My Name

See Video The cake is actually calling my name!  I can hear it! Insert your favorite comfort food. My years of dieting produced many moments like this.  It might be just some frustration – can’t get the printer to work, maybe boredom, even just desire for the mouthfeel.  Sometimes it’s something significant like loneliness, disappointment, …

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