Summer Learning: The Inner Gremlin

At a recent conference, I was so excited about the opportunities to learn and grow.  The flight delays, luggage issues, even the rental car fiasco had not thrown off my good humor.  I was ready, and nothing was going to derail me.  On that first morning, things were going so well – until they weren’t, until the balance of “I can handle this” met one too many frustrations.

Oh, crumbs.  There’s a gremlin in my baggage.

“Gremlin, thy name is _______”

I call it “Ronny.”  Ronny pops out at the most inopportune times as the worst version of myself with all the unresolved wounds, poor choices, and frustrating remains of who I once was.   Part of my summer learning is to notice when Ronny is peeking out and practice making better choices to unpack and leave that gremlin behind.

Do you have gremlin hiding in your baggage?  If you’re struggling to identify it, you might check near the intersection of Old Wounds Lane and One-Too-Many Buttons Pushed Boulevard.

Unpacking Your Gremlin

What are the characteristics of your gremlin, and how much of that is more tied to who you were than whom you have become?  That residue can be unpacked and left behind.

Whatever the challenge – personal growth, emotional eating, family, or work – identifying that gremlin is a step toward being your best self.

On that day when Ronny popped up, I realized I wasn’t looking after myself in a helpful way.  I was letting my old emotions drive rather than making good-for-me choices consistent with whom I wanted to be.  I wasn’t being my best self, but I could start right then.  Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

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