Summer Learning 2019

My diet was failing.  AGAIN.
My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was to lose weight, and soon it was Memorial Day weekend, and I’d gained.  In previous years, I’d worked hard to back down from my highest weight ever (more than once), but I’d been stuck in this general range for quite a long time.  This wasn’t a plateau.  I’d just done what I’d always done – I got fed up, I stopped trying, and my weight would ricochet.

Can I ricochet back, please?

Now, I HAD to figure this thing out.  For me, the key was dealing with my baggage.  I’d dragged around the nonsense for decades – all the shame and guilt, wounds, and not-so-pleasant memories as well as my skewed perception of all of it – letting that tell me who I was.  Unpacking that baggage and letting go of those beliefs released me to create a healthier relationship with food as well as life.

Every summer since has presented a growth theme – and it has helped me.  Significantly helped me.

Want to play? 

Whether it’s work, personal, family, weight loss, overcoming emotional eating, or another focus, shall we begin with finding YOUR way to drop the remains of who you WERE?  We have to unpack our baggage before we can pack it again for the journey we want to be on.

What baggage do you want to offload?
Is it emotional eating?  If so, what about yourself most drives you to food?
In whatever category of growth, assess what’s true of you vs. no longer true of you.
What old pieces would you like to sift away?
If you chose to let go of one thing, what would most effectively help you?
What would it look like if you were no longer dragging your baggage with you?

It takes time and some practice – you’ve been doing it this way for a long time, so give yourself some grace to stumble as you move forward.  You’ll get there.  Just be kind to yourself.

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