Summer Holiday Food Fests Wrecking My Diet

Summer Parties, Vacations, and Managing Weight
The Summer cookouts, parties, and vacations play havoc with willpower. It seems like just when I’m hitting my stride on a nutrition plan, a national or personal holiday comes along. We have to celebrate! Yes, we can still have fun–and eat well–without overindulging and therefore the feeling that wrap-around guilt.

Here’s my plan to manage my choices: Survey the options. Take a good, long look at the foods on offer. Some are familiar favorites, so we tend to fill (or pile) our plates like we always have. When was the last time you tasted that food? I mean really tasted it rather than just eating it because you always have. Sometimes we’re really just tasting the memory or feeling the connection to someone or a special time in our lives. Take a moment this year to taste them like you have never tried them before. Are they that good? Have your tastes changed?

They may still be your favorite, and if so, ENJOY them. Take the time to slow down, capture the flavors, and enjoy every bite. If you savor every bite, you may find it easier to adjust the portion size. If you’re going to have that food that you might regret later because of calories or volume, don’t hide or pretend — own it. Enjoy the moment. If you’re going to eat so fast that you don’t enjoy it in the end, you may as well be eating celery.

Consider giving some care to portion size. It’s seldom the actual food we eat that gives us trouble but the volume. So try taking 75 percent of what you might normally. If you’re still hungry, you can always go back for more. Or perhaps you can divide a portion with someone. You still get a taste of it, but the smaller portion doesn’t torpedo your plan.

Most of all, enjoy those you’re with. Engage in good conversations, fun stories, and connecting with those you love and care about.

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