I’ve lost weight in the past two years using different challenges, diets, and workouts, but I came to Renée Jones looking for something more. I want a healthy lifestyle and long-term habits which will help me to take care of my body forever, not another 30 day program. My work with Renée helped me to see patterns that lead to success and circumstances that seem to trip me up. Her questions are poignant, her insight is valuable, and her accountability has helped me stay on track. The work to make daily choices for health is still mine to do, but I’m thankful for the ways that Renée has encouraged and empowered me to do it. M

I’ve lost 23 pounds and feel great. My blood pressure is perfect – no longer climbing, and my cholesterol dropped 55 points. I think I have mastered portion control and eat what I want in moderation. Thanks for all your encouragement. J

Following the sensible eating style you presented and have encouraged, I have lost 19 pounds without effort, without deprivation and without feeling as though I am missing out. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to you! Again – many thanks to you for your continuing support! M

My nine-year-old daughter continues to listen to your “Just Relax” track every night. She has stopped taking her medication at night and is able to go to sleep on her own. WooHoo!
Probably the coolest effect, she visited my mom often this summer. One day she drove the golf cart down the driveway to the gate, stopping at the code box by the gate. When she pulled away she caught her wrist between the cart and the pole. She cut herself and poked two holes in her wrist, and it swelled badly. She stayed calm and got herself back up the driveway to my mom who cleaned and bandaged the wound. Despite the pain, swelling, and instant bruise, she stayed calm. When my mom asked how she stayed calm she said she did so by repeating what you say on your recording.
I thought you’d like to know how much you’ve done for her. And thank you! N

Renée is gifted and talented beyond words in helping us with anxiety issues among other struggles. I once loved to fly, and then I had two very bad experiences that left me so terrified of flying I was nearly paralyzed by it. I needed meds a day leading up to my pending flight, let alone the meds I needed to get through the flight. Did I mention that I also drank adult beverages on these flights? 🙂 I met with Renée for 42 minutes and I am a NEW WOMAN!! C

J before and after:

Jane beforeJane after PYOB

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