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What’s Really Eating You: Emotional Eating

Weight gain, low self-worth, lack of confidence – they are often symptoms.  Once we recognize what’s really eating us, we can face our stuff so we no longer have to stuff our faces.

To Keto or Not to Keto

They told us cutting fat and calories would make us thin but now we’re more overweight than ever.  The history be the low-fat diet may surprise you – and why is my grandmother looking so vindicated?

Rediscover a nutrition plan that will keep you satisfied and your weight balanced.

Pack Your Own Bag

The baggage we collect weighs on us and blocks us from pursuing our dreams and goals.  We “weigh” the baggage, unpack what holds us back, and we pack what will truly help us on the journey we want rather than the one we stumbled into or were told we should take.

A Recognized Authority

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October 10, 2018

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Who Is Renée

Renée has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Clinical Residency in Pastoral Care.  She utilizes traditional and contemporary models as well as relaxation and horse-assisted methods to help others win at losing extra weight and other baggage they’ve dragged with them for decades.

Why Renée Will WoW Your Audience

After 40 years on a diet, yo-yoing up and down the scale, Renee had learned every diet – and every cheat – before finally overcoming her triggers of comfort eating and ending the self-sabotage to lose “those last 30 pounds” AGAIN, this time maintaining it since 2012.  She understands the toll the Diet Yo-Yo can take on our bodies and our hearts, the temptation to grab the latest magic solution, and the frustration after crash-landing in front of the refrigerator.  She helps clients find what’s driving that behavior, so they can free themselves from emotional eating.  “When we face our stuff, we no longer need to stuff our faces for relief,” she said.

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Break that Diet Yo-Yo: Overcome those triggers of emotional eating.
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