SO — The newest diet solution IS — da da da —-

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Did you just groan? 

So many options, so many promises – particularly with a “Quick Fix” option.  You know the ads and messages we see.  “If you just do X, the weight will fall right off you.”  I’ve told you before to run away from those products.  Still, all the testimonials show that some people DO shed pounds using them.  It can create a hair-trigger on your “click here” finger, while also leaving you wondering whether or not it will work.

Are you curious about some of the “not so standard” methods? 

Are you ready to cut through the hype and find what will work for you so you can shed the weight you want to shed AND keep it off?

I have some news!

I’m bringing together some of the best experts in the field for a one-day talk show on July 8, 2021.  Some of the methods are thought of as a “Quick Fix,” and these experts will show you how to make them actually work for you. 

The event is completely FREE.

In addition to the information-rich interviews, guests will offer you something free to help you see results faster. 

Here’s what I want to say about this:  We are invested in helping you find the method that will most benefit you.

Again, this event is absolutely FREE for everyone who registers, so feel free to invite friends.

Let me fill in some gaps–

The talk show is:  MythBusters:  Making “Quick Fixes” Work

No, it’s not about pills and potions, bur perhaps you’ve been curious about some of these not quite so standard methods.   I’ve invited five experts:

  • Leslie M. Thornton, who is a hypnotist.  You may remember I was a guest on her podcast, Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss. 
  • Dr. Franchelle Hamilton is a bariatric surgeon, so I’m asking her all kinds of questions.  She has a podcast called “Your Life Transformed” and she has a television show coming out as well.
  • “Magic Diet” Recipes with the lovely Carrie Brown.  In the low-fat days, we just pulled fat out of recipes – and boy was that unsatisfying.  It’s easy enough to reduce starches and sugars for a low-carb meal, but if you want them to taste right – there’s an art to it, so Carrie will talk about making those recipes actually work. 
  • Keto/Carnivore with Amber Wentworth, from the LoneStarKetoGirl Podcast.  She started out with Keto but has been living Carnivore for a while now.  Curious?
  • Then there is the “Just STICK TO THE DIET” crowd – um, yeah, it’s never that easy, is it?  For this subject, I’m talking with my original coach, Elizabeth Mansfield.  We share the key that made my own weight loss and maintenance work. 

 . . . and so much more.    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and burst some myths so you can find what will work for you.

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