Small Changes — HUGE Difference

A company was failing when its wallpaper cleaning product quickly fell out of use after heating options shifted away from coal.  Oil and gas just aren’t as messy.  The owner’s sister-in-law, a nursery school teacher, bought some of the product for a school project, and the children loved working with it.  So they removed the cleaning agent from the compound, added some almond scent and color, and Play-Doh was born.  Sometimes a small change or two will make all the difference.

Like many of you, I get frustrated with my progress toward goals.  Whether it’s a few creeping pounds or building my business or a personal goal, sometimes it feels like I’m doing the right stuff, but the result?   Eh.  And it feels like I’m failing.

Look for the smallest change you can make that will make a difference and choose to implement it.  Granted, it may not be your favorite idea, and it may not look like much, but one step in the right direction can get us back on our path. 

The temptation, the frustration, the sense of impending failure will not go away on its own, and if we ignore them, they will surely stay.  We have to CHOOSE what’s good for us.  It may take some discipline, but making the choice toward what you want – even a little shift – can make all the difference.

What is a little change you can make toward your goal?  Truly, how easy would that be?

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