Crazy Claims

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“Lose 60 pounds in 60 Days”  Seriously?

I keep getting a text – maybe you have as well.  Lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  The next one is 40 pounds in a month.  The worst was 60 pounds in two months. 

It resurrects my old curiosity at any weight loss promise.  We’d like it to be so easy, so painless.  Given three wishes, many women would use one of them for the ability to eat anything we want and never gain an ounce.   There is always a gimmick – and usually a disappointment.

If you have struggled with your weight for a long time, it can be hard to believe you can reach your goal through ordinary measures, and it can be more difficult to believe we could maintain it.  We try and fail, we try again, and maybe we make some progress, but it seems that all we need do is get close to our goals, and we ricochet the other direction. 

It’s so frustrating. 

The Diet Yo-Yo is strong.  Few maintain their goal weight for long, and fewer reach five years without having regained much of the weight – if not more. 

Six years after their experience on “The Biggest Loser,” 14 contestants had regained most of the weight they lost.  I’ve worked with many women five years after bariatric surgery who had regained most of their weight.  Yet some do succeed.

My signature program is called Make It Happen.  It’s for those who are fed up of all the magic potions, the hyped promises of crazy numbers of pounds lost, and the latest exercise fad or piece of equipment.  They just want to figure out what will work for them and – Make It Happen.

They don’t want another fad or starvation diet.  They want to figure out what works for them and how to make that sustainable. 

They want to unpack the emotional baggage they’ve collected that drives them to food for comfort and stress relief.  It’s unsettling when we don’t even want the food, but somehow we feel powerless to stop eating.  That’s usually just baggage.  We can unpack it, and pack for the life you want:  Pack Your Own Bag. 

See what I did there?

They want to recognize and recover the best of who they could be . . . or aspired to be . . . maybe almost was at some point, but it kind of got lost somewhere amidst all the responsibilities, stumbles, and wounds – all the baggage they collected along the way.  I want them to see – it’s who they are already.

Don’t fall for the quick fix that doesn’t last. Seek the solution that will last, that will free you, that will heal.  Let’s Make it Happen.

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