Second Fondest Dream

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The fondest dream of a woman may be to be able to eat anything and everything without gaining an ounce, but right behind that?  Painless weight loss.  Would be golden, wouldn’t it?

What if I told you it can be. 

Are you rolling your eyes already?

Promises, promises – we’ve heard enough of them.  All the crazy diets, the “newly discovered” herbs, berries, or substances that “naturally” help your body shed fat, and whatever is behind that text that says you’ll lose 60 pounds in 60 days have made us a bit wary, not to mention frustrated, and maybe shameful.

Honestly, there is a way to make it painless, and over the next few weeks, I’ll share.  First, let’s get the most obvious one out of the way.

STAY AWAY from magic pills and the crazy diets. 

It’s not a surprising place to start, is it?  You’ve been frustrated and otherwise pained by these long enough. 

If a program or product promises “quick” weight loss, that same weight will probably come back just as quickly, which tends to be heart-crushing.  It often sparks self-blame or even shame.  I got so tired of feeling shameful about my weight, how about you? 

There will be many more advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and those “recently featured” on Shark Tank.  They pull at our desire for this to be easy and painless.  So, when you’re tempted, holster your hair-trigger clicking finger and ask:  When has this lightened anything but my bank account?  Did the last product make my scalp tingle and not in a good way?  Do I recognize the ingredients?  When taking an appetite suppressant, did I find myself not hungry but eating anyway?  Even if I did lose a few pounds – or a lot of pounds – how long did it last?  

More often than not, the results won’t last.  That’s what kept me on the Diet Yo-Yo for 40 years.  I’d get so hungry even when they said you wouldn’t be hungry.  On one program, I’d lose 2-3 pounds per week, which was fantastic until I returned to a regular plan.  Once I got a little more food, I couldn’t seem to get satisfied.

Here’s the problem: The unconscious mind has one main job—to keep you alive, and it will drive you to eat when your calories are too low for too long.  The lower the calories, the more driven we are.  Ever had one of those “I C.A.N.’T. stop eating” days?  It’s not a flaw or lack of willpower.  It’s a biological process intent on keeping you alive.  Stop blaming and shaming your character for it, which does more damage and makes it more painful.

Making it painless: Avoid the hype, find what works for your body, and take it gently and steadily. Slow, steady, and consistent is much more painless than the Diet Yo-Yo.

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