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Okay, I don’t want to scare you too much, but I’m currently in one of the most unnerving and frightening places known to woman.  It can seriously strike fear into our hearts.


Deep breath now —


Collective scream, anyone?

Big sigh.  What is up with all of that? 

It’s a hunk of metal.  How did it become one of the most feared items in our homes?  How many doctor’s appointments have you put off because insurance companies require weighing every patient upon EVERY visit?

The ongoing discussion of whether or not to weigh or how often to weigh is fraught with opinions. 

Some weight-loss coaches ban their use because they can be so triggering, depressing, discouraging, or frustrating.  They suggest we measure by how we feel, how our clothes fit and feel. 

Others say it’s necessary.  It’s an objective measure.  “The scale doesn’t lie,” they say.

Lie vs. Deception

Well, it may not lie, but it can be a little deceptive.  They vary and need regular adjustment as any movement can affect accuracy. Different scales vary in accuracy – somehow, we have two, and they vary by 3 pounds even after I calibrate them.  Guess which one I prefer —

Here’s the thing:  Scales only measure the gravitational force between you and the earth. 

Scales do not measure how much is muscle vs. fat, how much is water, bone, digesting food, and such.   It doesn’t give you an average over the last however many days or weeks.  It doesn’t take into account whether you’ve actually lost fat or whether the result is a difference in the amount of water your body is holding.  It doesn’t take into account that you were within your calories but ate a bit later than usual or you ate something that was a little inflammatory to your system, and therefore your body is protecting itself.  The scale only measures gravitational force.

Yet we give that measure the power to make us feel bad, to discourage us, to discount the efforts we’ve made because the number doesn’t match our expectations.  That measure is simply an objective record of this moment in time.

Scale Sanity

Here’s the key to scale sanity:  The scale is not a measure of your worth or value.  It’s not an indictment on your efforts nor a judgment of you. The scale is only a measure of force – it’s math.

The math on that day may not be encouraging, but it can be motivating to either keep doing what you’re doing or to tidy up the edges of your efforts.  You must decide what works best for you.

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