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What is the “RIGHT” nutrition plan for you?

One could say, “The one you’ll stick to,” but that’s only a piece of it.

In 2012, I lost my weight on a low-fat low-calorie diet.  It’s what I knew, I was motivated enough to stick with it, and it did work.  The problem was that it left me tired, hungry, and cranky all the time, which was not so good for me or anyone around me.  Yet,  I did reach my goal weight that year.

Then came maintenance.  It was hard.  I did a kickboxing class 3 times each week, and I walked my dog, but I could not take in many more calories in maintenance than I did in trying to reduce without gaining a few pounds.  When I went back to my low-calorie plan, it would come off, but that left me more tired and hungry – and did I mention cranky?

I did manage to maintain, but one day I thought there had to be a better way, so I returned to internet research.

I found a metabolic test that promised to tell me what would work for my body.  I was a bit wary – everyone promises THE THING–, but I was also rather desperate, so I took it.  The program spit out a list of foods that worked for my particular body, and they gave a sample menu.  It wasn’t what I had grown accustomed to doing, but it looked so good.

I decided that surely trying it out for a week couldn’t do that much damage, and if it did, I could simply return to my old menu to shed the extra.  So I tried it.

I was 52, and I was already at my goal weight.  My primary idea was to find a way to maintain and not be hungry.  If I lost half a pound, that would be a bonus. 

I lost 2 pounds that week.  I’d never been able to lose more than a pound in any given week in all my dieting years, so I was surprised.  Even more, I wasn’t tired, I certainly wasn’t hungry, and I wasn’t the least bit cranky.  I was, however, quite amazed.

Honestly and without exaggeration, it changed my life.  Once I started eating what works for my body, everything improved – my waistline stabilized, my moods were balanced (Mr. Jones was very pleased about that), and I felt better all the time as I was no longer “hangry.”

I now give this same assessment to my one-to-one clients to help them find the best nutrition for their bodies.

The thing is, it’s not anything we wouldn’t recognize—it’s just real food.  There are some individual recommendations on foods to have more of and some to limit or avoid.  I was okay with that because it was so satisfying.

That’s the point – when you find what works for YOUR body, it will be satisfying.  What a fantastic thought!

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