Rewire Your Thinking

THOSE Thoughts

You know the ones I mean.  They pop up at the most awkward times, and they will blow your progress on whatever goals and maybe your day if you let them run amok.

What is most bothersome?  There may be more than one, but for now, choose one to think through. 

Write it Down

If you hear it over and over, it’s essential to capture it on paper.  Over time, those thoughts get fuzzy as they mix with context, memory, volume, circumstances, and how you feel.  Then they’re like shape-shifters adapting themselves to whatever you’re doing or feeling.  Getting them on paper helps you both see and define them, which gives you back some control over your thoughts.

Think through these questions:

When do you first remember hearing it?  Who said it? 

Consider the source and context.  Was it ever true?  Really?  Or was someone lashing out? 

Did you make a mistake that prompted it? What did you learn from it?  Will you forgive yourself?

It helps to recognize where it originated, so write down both everything you remember about it and when it comes up for you. 

Rewrite that Thought 

It’s plagued you long enough.  What would actually be somewhere in the vicinity of the truth?  Consider your age when it began and all you’ve learned since.  Just as we grew into a bigger shoe size, we may need to grow our thinking into our current age.  What is actually true for you now?

Ponder the New Thought

Think about it in different contexts.  How will it be true for you?  How can you remind yourself of this new thought?  Do we need sticky notes in various places?  Or will the phone alarms help you?  What would help you install this new thought and kick out the old thinking?

How will you rewire your thinking?

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