Resolutions and Resolving Issues

Resolutions are either loved or loathed with few being ambivalent toward them.  For decades, I set a goal to “lose that weight THIS YEAR.”  Like most people, I’d do well for a while and then blow it.  After a few years, I’d set my resolution then rededicate myself to it when I’d broken my original vow and reset and reset and reset and reset.

What does it take to keep a resolution?

You know the list everyone is using–make it manageable, have a time frame, be specific, be honest with yourself about your intentions, work with an accountability partner–all very useful tools.

I’d add this:  Resolve the issue driving the behavior you’re trying to change.  What’s going on for you?  What’s the pay-off for the behavior?  What set this up?  How else can you get your need met other than the way you’re doing it now?  When you deal with the emotions or behaviors that drive the desire to eat for comfort, it saves a whole bunch of calories.

If you need some help looking at those issues, finding and overcoming those triggers, give me a call.  We can get you there–This is your year to sparkle!

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