Ready, Set, Summer!

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Amidst the picnics, barbeques, water activities, and blazing hot days of summer, it also seems to be the time of year when I get new opportunities to learn and grow.  Like clockwork, something arises. Know what I mean?

My journey toward real weight loss and maintenance began just in time for summer 2012.  I’d been struggling with weight loss for years, but I’d determined to get it done that year.  I was not making progress as I’d get upset and frustrated and go to food for soothing. How was I going to make it work?  

After researching lots of diets and exercise routines, I’d stumbled upon an intriguing video, so I looked up whatever I could find on the person.  I binge watched YouTube before binge watching was a thing.  This lady seemed to have figured out how to overcome emotional eating—and not just by willpower. Hmmmmm.  Is that possible?

On Memorial Day weekend, I invested in her coaching. 

That changed everything.

How to Make It Work

First, it’s a decision.  Not a haphazard sort of want or should – been there, done that too much.  We have to step into it, draw a line in the sand.  THIS is where these half-hearted attempts end.  Do I want to do this or not?  Truthfully? 

I may have known every diet going, but my results belied that I’d learned how to use them. 

I thought I could do it on my own, but my results belied that notion.

I thought I’d committed to my health before, but the Yo-Yo results belied commitment.

It was time to make a solid decision with no caveats, no excuses, and no quick exits when it got hard.  I determined I would do whatever she gave me to do – whether I wanted to or not.  Feel that difference?  Can you find that place for yourself?  When you do, then you’re truly ready to invest yourself in lasting change.

Second, change is all about consistency. The changes were sometimes really hard  I wanted the result, but did I want it badly enough to release what I’d always done?

I gave myself a talking to quite a lot. 

What was the decision?  Do it anyway, even though I wanted my pleasure foods, even though I felt like I was depriving myself, even though I lamented that others could eat anything and never gain an ounce. 

What was the decision?

You get it.  Success was making that choice again and again, and my coach held me accountable until I could do it for myself.  She was training me to stay on track.

It wasn’t easy, but slowly, the choices became more natural, the new choices becoming my go-to over the old ones.  Even more, I felt better, reached my goal, and maintain it. 

On the other side of all my previous excuses and rationalizations, what I expected would feel like deprivation gave me freedom. 

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