REACHING A Goal Seems Impossible: Don’t Believe It


Okay, I get it:  Reaching a goal like getting rid of pounds forever seems impossible. 
And that is the crux of the matter:  We truly don’t believe we can do it.  Not really.  Not forever.

We have good reason — we’ve tried (and failed) so many times.  What would make this time any different?  How can we believe in ourselves after we tried so hard?  We hardly even want to talk about it anymore.  No one else seems to be able to do it either.  And we settle for being heavier than we want to be and that ongoing sense of failure.

Ah, there it is.  And that can make or break any goal.  Enthusiasm, willpower, an event – nothing can stand up to that belief in continued failure — UNTIL you address the mindset. 

​​That’s why coaching programs are at least three months long.  Heck, that’s why we have coaching programs – we’ve tried to do it ourselves for so long and haven’t found what worked long-term.  We addressed the basic tools – diet, exercise program, saying goodbye to all our favorite foods.  Shouldn’t that do it?  The tools are a small part of the issue.  The bigger issue is what is actually sabotaging us. 

We may talk about it in terms of not having willpower, of going to food for comfort or stress relief, of social pressure, traveling for work, cooking being too much work, poor metabolism, no time to work out or manage our intake or meal prep.  It’s just too much for a goal that doesn’t seem to last.

All of those reasons are the fruit of damage to our mindset from the many years of trying.

Here’s the magic:  To reach and maintain any goal, our mindset must match it. 

If you think you can’t reach it, how likely is it?  Right?  We’re sunk. 

It’s not just about weight loss or other longed-for goals.  This principle applies to every area of our lives – the standards we set for ourselves, our beliefs, our faithfulness, and honesty. Our mindset is that we maintain those standards – and therefore we do. See?
So how do we fix this? 

How:  Heal your mindset.  We have to find a way to believe again, AND we can.

Everyone is different in how they heal.  Some can do this quickly, but most of us (oh, Lordy, I did) need a little support, guidance, and time to reset.  Growth is a process, but growth and healing create lasting and sustainable change.  It’s so good!

You’re ready to beat the ultimate saboteur, so email me at [email protected].

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