Perhaps You’ve Heard (or Said) This —

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Perhaps you’ve heard – or said – this:  When I get my head around this diet thing, THEN I can follow the plan.  What do we mean?

WHEN life is calmer, and I can focus

WHEN I get through (Insert event/holiday/project)

WHEN I have time to cook/eat at home

WHEN I – whatever you think will shift your mind toward inspiration and determination rather than just another failed start.

Here’s the truth:  It’s a choice.  Amidst all those things we think we have to wait for, it’s a choice to get our mindset on the goal, the plan, and how we can successfully execute that plan.  It’s an in the moment decision to choose to do something to support our goals and intentions rather than abandon them for that Twinkie or bag of chips.

I know.  Not flashy is it?

In that moment, it takes more than we think we’ve got in us.  We’d like to be able to roll with one more change of plan, to magically be able to handle a frustrating experience or extra work with grace and ease.  And perhaps you do most of the time, but then – poof!  You hit that point of your limit, and your usual thinking, evaluating, and strategizing are overwhelmed with desire for ANYTHING that will soothe you in this moment. 

It’s in the midst of the challenge that we need our strength the most.  When we get into the right mindset, supported by really good habits and lifestyle choices, we can choose for our best no matter what’s going on around us.  Even if you can make those choices more often than not, you will benefit.  Remember, perfection is just hype.  Ongoing progress is the key.

Great, wonderful, yes, yes, yes, Renée, but how?

  1. Practice.  Like any new skill, we do not become proficient without practicing.  Do your best today, and if you stumble, do your best to limit the damage, and then get right back to your plan of action.   Practice ongoing progress.
  • Impulse adjustment.  What do you need in order to adjust the impulse to go for food?  I know it feels like it’s set in concrete, but if we can alter your pattern of soothing, we can change it to something that fits in your plan.  The easy ones are not having that food around, or making it difficult to get to.  The more challenging way is to find the driver of the impulse.
  • Find the driver.  This may require a little help, but the food you use to soothe yourself has significance to you in some way.  It may be what you were given, or who gave it to you, or a significant memory or connection for you.  What is the connection, and what does that do for you?  We know it soothes you.  How and why?
  • Choose it.  Choose to focus on that mindset and strength that will keep you on your path.  We do have a choice, but we must practice that choice or find another option for soothing yourself that honors your goal.  We make choices every day to honor our legal commitments, our marriage vows, and to be faithful and honest in our jobs.  We protect those we love and do our best to meet their needs.  If you could summon an eighth of what you invest in others to protect and invest in your own needs, how would it alter your outcome?

Practice doing your best, bolstering your mind around succeeding, find and disarm the driving triggers, and choose to invest in your own needs.  When your needs are met – everyone benefits.

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