Part 2 Your Comfort Zone is SURROUNDED

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I know – -breaking out of that comfort zone is hard.  There are two ways to do it:

THE BLAST — Blast out doing everything differently until it feels more normal.  Also known as “going cold turkey” on a change.  There is a time and place for this.

THE STROLL — Take it gently, changing one or maybe two things at a time that move you toward your goal.  This is a useful method if your physical, relational, mental, or emotional health allows for it.  Changing everything at once can be very unsettling and stressful.  THE STROLL still feels like progress, but it’s manageable.

I was rather a sugar fiend.  I could enjoy a dessert at every meal – just a little finisher.  And, of course, sugar was a comforter.  I could depend on it making me feel better.  Yes, it could have been an addiction, but THE BLAST would have been too much for me.  I’d break before I could break the habit.  So rather than using THE BLAST, I went for THE STROLL.

I started with making a rule for myself:  I only have sugar on Sundays.  On Wednesday, when I was staring down the chocolate chips in my pantry, I could know – they’d be there on Sunday.  After the first week, it was easier.   The gradual change worked for me, and in time, I could see what sugar was doing to my body, and I didn’t like it.  Removing it was an easy choice at that point.

Choosing Change

Identify the area you most want to work on and the goal in that arena.  Is it food?  A habit?  A thought or mindset? 

First, if it’s a habit — don’t beat yourself up for it.   Recognize it once worked for you, and that’s why it’s there.  It’s just that it no longer works for you.

That’s also true of a belief or a mindset.  You formed a mindset or belief to help you get through something.  It had a purpose, but it’s no longer as helpful nor in the direction of who you want to be. 

Maybe you were always the “good child” who was helpful and did everything your parents asked of you.  It was a positive attribute for a child, and it made your parent’s life easier.  Great.

UNTIL you try to always be the good one, always catering to the needs of others but find it hard to ask for help or what you need or make a choice based on what YOU truly want.  See how it can begin to go sideways?  It wasn’t a “bad” habit – it just no longer helps.

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