Part 2 What the Industry Does NOT Want You to Know

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Jan was taking a supplement that kept her hunger under control, and she did well enough on nutrition, steadily losing a pound a week.  Then she had a really rough day at work, and she needed a moment.   She successfully bypassed the vending machine and chose to take a walk around the block.

 Outside, she passed the bakery, although the cakes in the window did look lovely.  NO, she told herself with authority as she chronicled the day’s frustrations and her grievances. 

The pharmacy shop had a seasonal display of her favorite chocolates.  Better not, she repeated and kept walking and mulling over her potential responses to her boss’s insensitivity.  She’d framed a good argument when she saw the coffee shop.  Coffee is safe, she thought, and it’s self-care.

Waiting in line, other customers didn’t help her mood.  They were slow and indecisive.  One bumped into her and blamed her for it.  Just like her co-workers, blaming her for everything.  She stewed and checked her watch – she needed to get back.

“When I reached the counter, I don’t know what happened,” she said.  “I ordered the most indulgent coffee I have ever had AND a huge cake,” she wailed.  Bless her.

SECRET:  No pill, potion, or powder will help you overcome emotional eating.

It was the perfect storm.  The combination of irritations exceeded her willpower and resolve, and she gave in to the emotions. “I deserved a treat!”

Yes, she did – Maybe a different one.  AND they delivered a few moments of soothing and satisfaction.  Then, remember the wail?  Yeah, that happens as well, doesn’t it?  Remorse, guilt, and then often beating up on ourselves.

Even though she tried to make good choices, by the time she ordered, her emotions were driving the behavior bus, and until you learn how to replace that driver, you’ll have a 50-50 chance at best to stay on track. 

We’ve all been in a similar situation.  Like Jan, my emotions drove me to food for decades.  This is a distinctive difference between my program and other diet and exercise coaching out there.  Exercise and diet alone don’t do it.  Talk therapy didn’t do it for me.  What broke Jan’s as well as my 40-year Diet Yo-Yo was facing what was driving us to food for comfort or stress relief and reconcile, sort it out, unwind it, heal it. When we do, we make better choices.  It makes all the difference.

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