Pair “Back to School” with Habit Creation

Move over, January 1st, the start of the school year is a natural time to put good habits in place.  

Sometimes to create a good habit, we have to unwind a less helpful one.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll give you bite sized ideas.  

Poor habit:  Evening Snacking
It’s the classic, isn’t it?  Television or computer games just beg for a snack as we wind down the evening.  It’s part of the escape like eating popcorn at the movie theater.  Yet it often leads to significant calorie intake because we’re just not paying attention.  

The Rewind:  Two options
a) Establish the rule that THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED after dinner.  It may take a little practice, but it will save lots of calories.
b)  If you MUST have an evening snack, then make it your focus.  Turn off the TV and lay the table with a cloth or place mat with all the utensils and a glass or cup for the beverage.  Use silverware if appropriate.  Focus on the food or drink, and enjoy every taste of it.  If you’re not going to focus on the food or even notice what you’re eating, you may as well be eating plain celery and drinking water.  If you SO want the food or drink, then give it the same honor and attention that you’re giving your craving.  If it’s that essential to your day, take the time to enjoy it.  Savor it.  Notice you’re consuming it.  You’ll likely need a lot less of it to satisfy.

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