Painless Weight Loss Tips 6 & 7

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Weight loss need not be as painful as we think – if we’ll adjust our thinking just a little.  It’s a challenge, and there is so much conflicting information out there, so it can be frustrating.  Yet if we can get ourselves to focus for a period of time, we can make progress.  I needed some help to get myself on track, and once I found the nutrition that truly worked for me, it became markedly easier.

Two last thoughts:

Just eat real food.  The less processing the better.  The problem with processing is that the process reduces flavor, so they add stuff that may not be helpful.  You’ve heard of “The Bliss Point.”  It’s that perfect combination of fat, salt, and sugar that makes it taste SOOOOOO good that we can’t stop eating it.  They also enhance flavors to make them hyper-palatable, which makes you want to eat more.

Fresh, unprocessed or minimally processed food doesn’t need much to make it taste good.  Have you ever eaten something straight from a garden?  It’s amazing how much more flavor we experience.  Our tastebuds register true flavors, and it doesn’t take as much to satisfy.

The more we stick to real food, the more natural flavor we preserve and the less gunk we ingest.  It’s a longer-term kind of painless.

Make it painless:  True flavor (and the nutrients that come along with it) are more satisfying with less.
Sure, we’d all like to snap our fingers and be 10, 20, 100 pounds lighter.  Long-term, however, rapid loss doesn’t often last.  Yes, it will take longer if you lose a quarter or a half-pound per week.  If by taking it that deliberately you could reduce by 12 pounds per year?  That’s nothing to sneeze at.  Smaller and more incremental changes are sustainable. 

Make it painless:  Slow and steady is the most effective than rapid weight loss in producing long-term success.

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