Painless Weight Loss Tip 2

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Painless Weight Loss Part 2

Can it truly be painless?  If you’ve read my material or heard me speak, you’ll know I spent 40 years yo-yoing up and down the scale on diet after diet.  It was definitely NOT painless for me.  Not only was I hungry all the time, but I felt the deprivation, the frustration, and the ensuing shame about not being able to figure it out. 

I could manage everything else, but weight loss?  I figured it must be one of those life-long battles.  Know what I mean?  And therein is part of the issue. 

Manage Your Thinking

When you think about a nutrition plan to lose some weight, what are your immediate thoughts?  Deprivation?  Missing out? Punishing exercise or starvation?  “Toxic” diet culture?

And what do you normally do for weight loss?  Deprive yourself?  Miss out on certain foods?  Punish yourself with exercise or extra small portions?  Seek out yet another plan hoping THIS ONE will work – and work fast?

What do you get?

Are you getting what you expect?  Do you feel like you’re expecting to feel? 

See how that works?

What we expect often colors what we receive or experience, so how we approach a task that is not our favorite thing to do does make a difference.  When we go into it expecting it to be boring or awful, it usually is.  Our minds are made up, so we close off from the more creative options or paths to get there.  We just resign ourselves to it being a slog, so it does feel that way.

What if it didn’t have to be that bad?  I know, that sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish, and my previously hair-trigger bent toward cynicism might be right there with you but for a change in experience.  In the beginning, it pained me to admit it, but there we are.  It was different.  I was different.  All for giving it a chance by reconsidering the options.

How can we make it feel better?  Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down or Snow White whistling while we work come to mind.  While I’d suggest the metaphor and not the actual sugar, it’s an interesting option that we use in other areas.

What do we do with children when we need them to do something they don’t really want to do?  We offer a reward to sweeten the task or whistle up a way to make a game of it.  It gets the job done – without the dread, irritation, or added pain.  

SO, how can you adjust/sweeten/whistle up a better mindset around following a nutrition or exercise plan?  Where can you learn what works for your body and make that plan more enjoyable and, dare I suggest, fun?  If you need ideas, we can talk.  There’s no need for it to be a slog, but it’s your choice.

Make it painless:  Adjust your mindset to make it more fun or interesting.

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