Once we face our stuff, our baggage, it helps us heal.  Even more, it gives us a real opportunity to be our BEST selves.  When we’re no longer reacting to our baggage, it’s easier to take a breath, identify what we’re trying to stuff down and follow with a  food chaser, and to then make a different choice.  It gives us back some strength and control – and hope.    

Who are you when you’re at your best?

Most of us have a vivid image of who we are at our worst, don’t we?  But our best?  That’s a little harder to think about, and it feels a little self-centred.  It’s not, but it feels that way.  Unfortunately, it also robs us as well as those around us of who we can truly be. 

Imagine what might change if we put half as much attention and energy toward cultivating our best selves as we do beating ourselves up.  How would you feel?  What might you discover? 

For your health goals, how much easier is it to make solid decisions around food when you’re feeling your best?

In what ways can you cultivate your best?  Is there something you could do daily even for a couple of weeks or a month that would move you nearer to your best self?

Might be an interesting experiment.  Want to play?

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