It’s November. We Know What That Means

So how are you doing with your healthy body goals for 2017?

Halloween candy just behind us (hopefully all the candy is sorted out), Thanksgiving in a few weeks, followed in a month by Christmas and New Year – it’s a bit more challenging for that last-minute push toward fitness and health.  Are you ready for the five-week food orgy?

Create a plan.  Doesn’t have to be a perfect plan.  Doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the foods you love.  Does mean planning ahead will give you the greatest chance of success.

Focus on maintaining.  In the years before I got a handle on my comfort eating, I routinely put on seven to ten pounds and likely a dress size between November and January.  Now I focus on maintaining whatever I am.  SO MANY SOCIAL ACTIVITIES, so much rich food, so many buffets.  It’s just too frustrating to skip it.  Consider the idea of maintenance.  Does that seem easier?  We’ve got enough stuff to think about and to do during these two months.  Don’t make it harder on yourself.  Maintain.

Prioritize what you most enjoy.  Years ago, I tried to decide what made the holiday foods say “holiday” to me.  In the end, it came down to the dressing and one particular dessert.  If I had those two things, and they tasted right, then I felt like I had truly experienced the food of the holidays.  Today, I still enjoy those two things every year.  And I still feel like I’ve had my feet under my grandmother’s table when I’m enjoying them.  It’s an emotional connection, a memory wrapped in particular flavors.  What is it that you most enjoy?  Focus on that.  Experience that with all your senses.  You may find you crave less but enjoy it more.

Over the next weeks, we can look at some ways to make your plan stick.

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