NO Shortcuts: Journey to Your Best

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Who are you when you’re at your best?

Most of us have a vivid image of who we are at our worst — that’s easy, isn’t it?    The vision of our best?  That’s a little harder to think about.  Yet without a vision, it feels elusive, like it’s not really possible to attain.  Unfortunately, it also robs us as well as those around us of who we truly can be — our best.

Imagine what might change if we put half as much attention and energy toward cultivating our best selves as we do beating up on ourselves.   

Imagine, if you were starting from a place of feeling good about who you are, dare I say loving yourself and feeling you were enough,  how might your day-to-day life be different? 

Pursuing the best of who you are isn’t easy, but the results are so worth the effort.   It’s so important that I’ve made it one of the three pillars of my program.  Willpower, guilt, shame, another diet or exercise program gets you started, but they soon backfire.  Our best selves make much better choices, so our best is foundational to making the progress you want to make physically, mentally, and emotionally.

On New Year’s Eve, I was working on my goals for the year, and I think the thing I found most compelling wasn’t the list of monthly or yearly goals but who I needed to be to reach them.  That requires being my best self.  I was thinking through how to cultivate that, and I got a little off track – as one does – in trying to capture the questions I use, the things I think about that might help me, how I document the progress, where I might stop to evaluate, all those kinds of things.  

So I now have this document, which isn’t perfect, and probably needs some adjustments and additions, maybe some subtractions – you get the idea.  It’s a work in progress. 

However, I want to make it available to you.  Find it here:

Now, this isn’t an exercise in beating up on ourselves.  We do that too well already.  We’re cultivating personal growth.  We’re learning, so be kind, patient, and gentle with yourself.  Take what parts work for you, add what you need – and feel free to share what is helpful and what isn’t.  Again, this is a work in progress – just like you and me.

One rule:  When you struggle, you may well be tempted to give up.  Please don’t.  The world needs your best.  Pick up from there and start again.  You’re trying something new, and  it takes time to learn and grow.  

Perfection is not required.  Diligence is.

If you get stuck or want some help, send me a message or post on my Facebook page.  We can get you where you want to go.  [email protected]

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