It’s never your least favorite mug that breaks, is it?

No matter your best intentions for your day, things happen – a broken mug, cross words with someone, traffic, the boss, or someone questioning (or bullying) your nutritional choices.  It throws you off, upsets or frustrates, and awakens your need for soothing – and the go-to is food.  It’s as if you cannot stop yourself.  I need soothing, and I DESERVE this treat!

Then —

Your senses return, and on top of the upset and frustration, there’s  that, “Oops, I did it again!”  How often does beating yourself up follow?  And how does that help?  Not much.

It’s not even so much about weight or the diet itself as knowing you can handle everything else, but “WHY CAN’T I manage this food thing?” It’s so frustrating.

Emotional eating sabotaged every diet I tried during my 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo.  It made me question my self-image, my value, my competence – all of which drove me back to food for soothing, of course, and the added weight was a constant reminder of my failure. 

Once I figured out how to overcome emotional eating, it saved me so many calories, and I was able to lose the weight I wanted to lose AND keep it off my body.  I beat the odds by maintaining my loss for eight years now.

I was sad to lose my favorite mug, but I was very happy to smash the emotional eating habits that kept the Diet Yo-Yo spinning.  The new habits keep me at my goal weight.

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