My “Why” is Big Enough — So Why Am I Stuck?


When your why doesn’t motivate you enough, it’s frustrating.  It OUGHT to do it, shouldn’t it?  It’s big enough.  It would have enough impact on my future, but . . .

Yes, it may well be a big enough “why,” but if it’s not motivating you – it’s not the “why” stopping you.

That “why” question has been thrown around a lot, and it’s often a bit guilt or shame-inducing.  That’s not helpful, is it?  They say, “When your ‘why’ is big enough, you’ll be committed.”  Lovely sound-bite, but what if the “why” isn’t WHY you’re stuck?

There it is:  The issue to solve is what has you stuck or has kept you stuck for a long time.  Most of us can’t figure that out on our own because we can’t see ourselves objectively. That’s why we run things by someone we trust if we can – or keep it secreted away for years, getting ourselves more and more stuck.

I’m doing an event.  If you’re watching or reading on the day this comes out, the event is tomorrow:   Get Unstuck and Live Your Dreams

I’ll show you the patterns of being stuck.  I have more than one – dang it!

We will talk about ways to get unstuck.  –Notice I said “we” as this is a very practical event, and I will invite you to unmute yourself and share where you find yourself getting stuck and what you’ve tried and /or succeeded with to get unstuck. 

I’ll share ways we can shift out of that, and if you’re willing, we can talk about your journey.

Hear me:  You cannot buy anything at this event.  It’s not a sales presentation.  This is about usable content.   

Please join me on February 22nd at 7 EST/4 PST

Please register here:

Why? Because your needs matter.  Your confidence matters.  Your sense of worth matters.  Your health matters.  We’ll find a way you can believe it.  Imagine that!

Please register here:

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