Mindset Over Method

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“It’s the mindset.”

That’s what each coach said during our webinar last Thursday.  Whatever the methods, success came from holding to a particular mindset – how you think about a goal and whether or not you follow through with particular behaviors.

I’ve seen this over and over in my practice.  Clients can be beaten down by years of dieting but still have hope. They wonder if it’s possible, but they trust me and follow through with good choices.  These clients succeed.   

Those clients who continually tell me they just don’t think they can succeed and don’t have that spark of hope or trust, create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Even if they really, really want to succeed but don’t follow through with their plan, they face a challenge. 

Nothing changes until mindset does.   No nutrition plan will be adopted.  No exercise routine will hold.  No surgery, pill, potion, or method will work without changing how you think and act in respect to the goal. 

I get it – again, I spent 40 years on a diet because my mindset wasn’t in it. 

I also get the last nine years – after changing my thinking and actions.  I’m still at my goal weight from 2012.  I had to create a different mindset to get there AND stay there.

Creating the Mindset

There are many moving parts to mindset, but let’s look at three:

  1. Belief – we have to believe it’s possible.  If we don’t believe it’s possible, it won’t be until we find a way to believe.
  2. Desire – we have to want it – more than the Twinkie we’re staring down.  If you’d like to succeed but, well, sort of – no, not really, you won’t fight for your goal. 
  3. Give Self Over To It – do whatever it takes, roll with the challenges, and keep choosing your goal over the obstacle.

Making It Happen

Like many of you, I tried and tried and tried, then I failed and failed and failed.  What made the difference?  Two things:  Mindset and Accountability.  Once I was mentally ready, I needed accountability to follow through.  We’ve talked before about the Four Tendencies, and learning mine was a game-changer.  I wasn’t flawed; I’m an Obliger, and Obligers will move the earth to help you with your goal, but to do our own?  Pfft.  We need external accountability, and when we have it, we make tracks on our goals.

Accountability can be a friend, but they must absolutely hold you accountable.  It’s often easier to hire a coach or join a group or an online program. It must be someone you allow to hold you to your goal no matter what. 

If you’d like to get a taste of that accountability with group coaching, I’m hosting a six-week group that begins on Monday, July 19th at 11 a.m. or 6:30 p.m.  See here for details:  www.packyourownbag.com/group    We can get your mind set on success.

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