Mindset: Give Yourself Over to YOUR Goal

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In this mindset series, we’ve talked about cultivating a belief that what we want is actually possible and then aligning our desire with our goal.  Every time we begin a new nutrition and exercise plan, we commit ourselves to whatever it takes to succeed.  

Initially, we’re all in, maybe even for several weeks.  Then something comes up.  It could be a stressful situation, a party, travel, or just day-to-day frustrations that offer temptation or a perceived “no way out” situation.

What do we do? 

Too often, we enter the discussion:  It’s so easy to just give up.  We can make a viable excuse.  It would be easy enough.  Who is really going to know?  NO ONE actually gets to their goal and stays there for more than five minutes.  EVERYONE else can have what they want and be whatever size they are.  Why should I put myself through this again? 

Belief has evaporated, and our desire for instant comfort and relief takes over.  We know all the tricks and tips, but right now – that cake, donut, pizza or whatever– is winning, and we’ve given up once again.  Cue all the frustration, beating up on ourselves, self-loathing, and bitter regret for spending another however many dollars trying to solve the problem that we can’t seem to let go of.

How do we stop this cycle?

Give yourself over to your goal wholeheartedly.  Choose it over whatever food you’re staring down. 

Determine at this moment, on this day, you will do whatever it takes to roll with the challenge,  to keep choosing your goal over the obstacle.

Yes, Renée, that sounds so simple, but it’s just not that easy.

Why not?

We’ve made it harder than it has to be.  It’s become so big in our minds that all we can see is the obstacle, the temptation.  We pile on with how we’ve not done as well as we hoped so many times, and it becomes the impossible thing.  We’ve broken our promises to ourselves too often to believe that we’re serious now.  It feels hopeless.

Yet, it isn’t.  It’s so annoying that when I follow my plan I get what I want every time.  That eviscerates all my excuses.  Dang it! 

Take a deep breath, and remember your goal.  Focus on that and ignore other options.  They’re not viable.  They won’t get you where you want to go. Your goal will, so focus on the goal alone.  Choose it again and again.  Obstacles will seemingly block your way, but when you give yourself over to your goal again, that obstacle will fade.  Remember why you want to achieve this.  Think of what it will feel like when you reach that goal and when you maintain that goal.

Reinforce what you want, and your action will follow.

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