Mindset: Desire

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How’s that belief in what you want being possible coming along?

It’s a challenge BECAUSE we’ve done it the other way for so long.  See it as a learning exercise, and repetition of what you want helps change your mindset.

AND you have to want it.  Desire for the outcome is essential, and that desire must be greater than whatever short-term fix is calling your name.  Willpower will only get you so far.  It can help you build a new habit, but it’s a limited and quickly depleted resource. 

I’ll admit – I’ve yelled NO at a Twinkie as I slammed the pantry door.  It works, but the “no” can go either stronger or weaker each time you use it depending on your true desire.  If the short-term fix is stronger than your long-term goal, we need back up resources.

  1. Leave the area – wherever the tempting food is, go somewhere else or do whatever you need to do to delete the option.   Put the food away, have it boxed for take-away, or here’s one a client used– pour vinegar or dish soap over it.  I used to say to myself, “Just get out of the kitchen.”
  2. If possible, do your best to never bring tempting food into your home or work area.  Yes, that has plenty of issues, doesn’t it?  If you’d like my Snack-Attacked guide for how to navigate a snack-filled environment, go to:  packyourownbag.com/snackhacks     I use these hacks. They work.
  3. Find what’s driving that desire.  What is it about this moment, this food, this time of day, this time of year that drives you to that particular food.  There’s always a reason we’re connected to certain foods.  What is it about that food that makes it so important that you would tank your long-term goal for it?  If you need some help finding that, we can talk.

Or perhaps your desire is muddled.  You want to shed some weight, it would be nice, you’ve talked about it for ages, but maybe your heart isn’t in it.  So instead of beating up on yourself, look into the body positivity information – happy and healthy at any size.  If you’re not ready to shed your weight, you don’t want it right now, and your desire is for something else, then own it.  You get to choose for yourself.  If your desire changes, you can do something different.

Or maybe there’s a real or perceived danger for you in being smaller.  I encourage you to find a good counselor or coach who can help you release that, so you can be free to make choices for yourself rather than letting the fear drive you.

To reach a long-term goal, we must have our desire in line with that goal.  It just doesn’t work otherwise.  I know it didn’t for me on that 40 year Diet Yo-Yo.

When you’re ready or you want to be ready, book a complimentary call with me with this link:  Book Renee Jones: Pack Your Own Bag. 

We can get you where you want to go.

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